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"Magical Mystery Tour" is the name of an original 6-song double EP by The Beatles, first released in late 1967. It is the soundtrack to a one-hour television film that was originally aired, in black and white, in the UK in 1967. Initially released as a double EP in the UK, the recording was expanded to a full album on subsequent U.S. release, adding several recent singles to the B-side. This has since been adopted by Apple and EMI when the Beatles' discography was being put on Compact Disc, and is the only US release of theirs to do so. While the songs on the EP proved popular, critical and popular response to the television film proved negative. Plans to air it on ABC television in the U.S. were cancelled, and "Magical Mystery Tour" was first shown in the United States only in a special showing as a fundraiser for the Liberation News Service in 1968. There was no other showing in the U.S. until 1974, as a theatrical release on the midnight movies and college circuits, both of which were mainly underground. The movie's soundtrack was far more favourably received. It was released in the UK in December 1967 as a double EP housed in a 24-page book featuring pictures from the film and a comic strip based on events of the film, and was nominated for a Grammy Award for best album in 1968 reaching number 1 in the U.S for eight weeks.

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01- Magical Mystery Tour
02- The Fool On The Hill
03- Flying
04- Blue Jay Way
05- Your Mother Should Know
06- I Am The Walrus
07- Hello Goodbye
08- Strawberry Fields Forever
09- Penny Lane
10- Baby You're A Rich Man
11- All You Need Is Love

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