sábado, 10 de diciembre de 2011

· "Hamburg Raw Beat" The Beatles

There have been a lot of variations of the Hamburg tapes released over the years, starting off with the Lingasong LP's in 1977. One thing in common with all the releases is that they altered the original recordings in one way or another. From removal of the between-the- songs dialogue, or song edits to loop portions of the track, to even fake stereo (as usual). This release is not going to try and re-invent the wheel. It simply presents some raw cassette transfers (speed corrected) that have been traded between collectors for many years.

The first twelve tracks here are from the bootleg Mach Shau! (Savage SC 12620) which contained alternate versions of songs such as I’m Talking About You and Roll Over Beethoven plus unadulterated versions of Till There Was You, A Taste Of Honey and Where Have You Been All My Life, all of them transferred from an original tape to vinyl.
Then the next five songs came directly from a raw tape which today belongs to a private collector in Germany. That tape contains a total of 15 songs of which only seven feature the Beatles. Here we have five of them: Hippy Hippy Shake, A Taste of Honey [rec. 30/12/62], Reminiscing, Ask Me Why [rec. 30/12/62] and I Saw Her Standing There [rec. 30/12/62]. The rest of titles included are almost certainly performed by Ted "Kingsize" Taylor and the Dominoes. This tape circulated in the mid 90's and was later brought into the public eye by Fuego Entertainment in 2008 when they announced it to be a future release. Of course Apple put an end to that.
The last five songs are from the famous "sampler" tape, copied by Allan Williams in 1978, which contained seven Star Club songs in their unadulterated original form. These are: Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey, Shimmy Like Kate, Falling in Love Again, Roll Over Beethoven [rec. 25/12/62], and Sweet Little Sixteen.

Enjoy it!


01- A Taste of Honey I
02- Till There Was You
03- Where Have You Been All my Life?
04- Lend Me Your Comb
05- Your Feet’s Too Big
06- Talkin’ ‘Bout You
07- To Know Her is To Love Her
08- Everybody’s Trying to Be my Baby
09- Matchbox
10- Little Queenie
11- Nothin’ Shakin’
12- Roll Over Beethoven I
13- Hippy Hippy Shake
14- A Taste of Honey II
15- Reminiscing
16- Ask Me Why
17- I Saw Her Standing There
18- Kansas City/Hey, hey, hey, hey!
19- Shimmy Shimmy
20- Falling in Love Again
21- Roll Over Beethoven II
22- Sweet Little Sixteen

domingo, 8 de mayo de 2011

· "The McCartney's Christmas Album" - The Beatles

Back in 1965, Paul McCartney ended a very busy Beatles year by recording an album of his own, and releasing it as a Christmas present to John, George and Ringo. The album was only pressed in four copies, he kept one for himself. The album is made up of experiments in sound which Paul had conducted at home. This is side one, side two seems to be lost forever...


01- Paul's intro + Unforgettable (Nat King Cole)
02- Someone Ain't Right (Peter & Gordon)
03- Paul DJ
04- I Get Around (The Beach Boys)
05- Paul DJ
06- (Love is Like a) Heatwave (Martha & The Vandellas)
07- Paul DJ & Peter Asher
08- Don't Be Cruel (Elvis Presley)
09- Paul DJ
10- Down Home Girl (The Rolling Stones)

Bonus Track:

11-Rejected 'Xmas record session - 19 Oct. 1965

miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2011

· "The Beatles' Broadcasts" - The Beatles

Another early 80s bootleg with a superb quality for what you could get back then.

01- Pop Go The Beatles
02- Long Tall Sally
03- Carol
04- Soldier of Love
05- Lend Me Your Comb
06- Clarabella
07- Memphis Tennessee
08- I Got a Woman
09- Sure to Fall (In Love With You)
10- Do You Want to Know a Secret?
11- The Hippy Hippy Shake
12- 'Till There Was You
13- Matchbox
14- I'm a Loser
15- She's a Woman
16- I Feel Fine
17- Everybody's Trying to Be my Baby
18- I'll Follow The Sun

sábado, 16 de abril de 2011

· "Beautiful Dreamer + Youngblood" - The Beatles

More BBC material, this time from an early '80s bootleg mixed with some songs from another mid '70s bootleg, both featuring more BBC (by then) unreleased stuff.

01- Some Other Guy
02- I'm Talkin' About You
03- Youngblood
04- Too Much Monkey Business
05- I Got To Find My Baby
06- Johnny B. Goode
07- Keep Your Hands Off My Baby
08- Beautiful Dreamer
09- That's All Right Mama
10- Sweet Little Sixteen
11- Ooh! My Soul
12- I'll Get You
13- Too Much Monkey Business
14- Devil in Her Heart
15- Memphis Tennessee
16- I Forgot to Remember to Forget

· "Outakes" - The Beatles

In 1972 two more whole LP's of BBC material arrived from TMOQ. Of course, they were sold as being EMI recordings (common titles were STUDIO SESSIONS 1 & 2, or OUTAKES), but we all learned otherwise. The 24 songs - almost all of them on unheard renditions - were a fairly strict chronological record of the Summer 63 "Pop Go The Beatles" BBC Radio series. What it lacked in sonic brilliance (obviously somebody's collection of home recordings taped directly off a speaker) it made up in charm and historical importance and made a nice companion to the YELLOW MATTER CUSTARD title. The gem back in the day was John Lennon's version of Carl Perkins' "Honey Don't" later recorded by the band with Ringo as the lead singer.

01- Do You Want to Know a Secret
02- You Really Got a Hold On Me
03- The Hippy Hippy Shake
04- Misery
05- Money (That's What I Want) I
06- Till There Was You
07- From Me to You
08- Roll Over Beethoven
09- Love Me Do
10- Kansas City-Hey, hey, hey, hey!
11- Long Tall Sally
12- Please Please Me
13- She Loves You
14- Words Of Love
15- Devil In Her Heart
16- Anna (Go to Him)
17- Money (That's What I Want) II
18- There's A Place
19- Honey Don't
20- Chains
21- I Saw Her Standing There
22- I'm Sure To Fall
23- Lucille
24- Boys

· "Yellow Matter Custard" - The Beatles

An important batch of rare recordings surfaced in the form of bootlegs during 1971 covering a (by then) almost unknown and forgotten aspect of the Beatles' career - the sessions for BBC Radio. Anyway, they were advertised (on purpose, or not) as being studio outtakes. The first and best-known of these early bootlegs was called YELLOW MATTER CUSTARD (aka AS SWEET AS YOU ARE), and it was a compilation of 14 songs, only one of which ("Slow Down") was previously officially released by The Beatles. Once it was established these were not outtakes, they were thought to be from a single -and unexistent- November 1962 BBC broadcast for a while, and even John Lennon himself (who once asked a fan for a copy of it) called them "the Decca audition". If we reverse sides A and B, we'll find the songs to be chronological highlights from the "Pop Go The Beatles" series from July-Sep 63. The original tape probably came from a British fan who only taped those songs not available on record (remember "Slow Down" didn't come out until 64) with a home recorder. A bootleg which was a MUST back in the day due to its quality and stuff.

01- I Got A Woman
02- Glad All Over
03- I Just Don't Understand
04- Slow Down
05- Don't Ever Change
06- A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues
07- Sure To Fall (In Love With You)
08- Nothin' Shakin' (But The Leaves On The Trees)
09- Lonesone Tears In My Eyes
10- So How Come (No One Loves Me)
11- I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)
12- Crying, Waiting, Hoping
13- To Know Her Is To Love Her
14- The Honeymoon Song