sábado, 16 de abril de 2011

· "Beautiful Dreamer + Youngblood" - The Beatles

More BBC material, this time from an early '80s bootleg mixed with some songs from another mid '70s bootleg, both featuring more BBC (by then) unreleased stuff.

01- Some Other Guy
02- I'm Talkin' About You
03- Youngblood
04- Too Much Monkey Business
05- I Got To Find My Baby
06- Johnny B. Goode
07- Keep Your Hands Off My Baby
08- Beautiful Dreamer
09- That's All Right Mama
10- Sweet Little Sixteen
11- Ooh! My Soul
12- I'll Get You
13- Too Much Monkey Business
14- Devil in Her Heart
15- Memphis Tennessee
16- I Forgot to Remember to Forget

3 comentarios:

  1. Why are your files MP3? Not as good as flac.

  2. SH, yes MP3 is not as good as FLAC, there are many reason to prefer MP3. Myself, I'm happy to DL a FLAC file but I'll convert it to MP3. I convert it because it fits into my music library and plays with my software and portable music players. It is the format that works with everyone. Most of all, it sounds fine. Yes I know not as good, but good enough for my purposes.

    On my blog, I post ONLY mp3. If a reader wants better they should go out and buy it. No one (yet) complains about it, and they say thanks for posting.