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· "Outakes" - The Beatles

In 1972 two more whole LP's of BBC material arrived from TMOQ. Of course, they were sold as being EMI recordings (common titles were STUDIO SESSIONS 1 & 2, or OUTAKES), but we all learned otherwise. The 24 songs - almost all of them on unheard renditions - were a fairly strict chronological record of the Summer 63 "Pop Go The Beatles" BBC Radio series. What it lacked in sonic brilliance (obviously somebody's collection of home recordings taped directly off a speaker) it made up in charm and historical importance and made a nice companion to the YELLOW MATTER CUSTARD title. The gem back in the day was John Lennon's version of Carl Perkins' "Honey Don't" later recorded by the band with Ringo as the lead singer.

01- Do You Want to Know a Secret
02- You Really Got a Hold On Me
03- The Hippy Hippy Shake
04- Misery
05- Money (That's What I Want) I
06- Till There Was You
07- From Me to You
08- Roll Over Beethoven
09- Love Me Do
10- Kansas City-Hey, hey, hey, hey!
11- Long Tall Sally
12- Please Please Me
13- She Loves You
14- Words Of Love
15- Devil In Her Heart
16- Anna (Go to Him)
17- Money (That's What I Want) II
18- There's A Place
19- Honey Don't
20- Chains
21- I Saw Her Standing There
22- I'm Sure To Fall
23- Lucille
24- Boys

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