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·"Mediterráneo" - Joan Manuel Serrat

Serrat is considered one of the most important figures of modern, popular music in both the Spanish and Catalan languages. He became involved with music at the age of 17, when he got his first guitar. In the early 60's, the young artist participated in a pop band, playing along with classmates at Barcelona's Agronomy School and performing mainly Beatles songs and Italian 'pop-of-the-era' songs translated to Spanish. In 1965, while singing in a radio show called Radioscope, host Salvador Escamilla helped him secure a record deal with local label Edigsa, where he recorded his first LP, as well as joining the group Els Setze Jutges. Joan Manuel Serrat's first live stage performance in 1967 at the Palau de la Música Catalana, served to establish him as one of the most important artists inside the Nova cançó movement in Catalonia. The release of the LP Mediterráneo in 1971 consolidated the artist's reputation worldwide, remaining until today as his masterpiece.



01- Mediterráneo
02- Aquellas pequeñas cosas
03- La mujer que yo quiero
04- Pueblo blanco
05- Tío Alberto
06- ¿Qué va ser de ti?
07- Lucía
08- Vagabundear
09- Barquito de papel
10- Vencidos

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