domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

·"Gardel Inédito Vol. 2" - Carlos Gardel

This is the second volume of Gardel Inédito, with versions never before released of the King of Tango. This album of the unforgettable Carlitos includes 22 tracks of a wonderful and deep work of search, those takes were discarded back in the day for different motives, like a change of lyrics, or because the song was sounded better alone with guitars, or simply because it was considered that a take was superior to other one. All this was restored and digitally remastered at the prestigious studios Abbey Road of London, thanks to the most advanced skills developed by his engineers.


01- Rencor
02- Seguí Mi Consejo
03- Hopa, Hopa, Hopa
04- Recuerdo Malevo (from the Paramount Movie "La Casa Es Seria" - 1933)
05- Milonga Sentimental
06- El Carretero
07- Por Qué Me Das Dique
08- Haragán
09- Angustias
10- Apure Delantero Buey
11- Quiéreme (from the Paramount Movie "La Casa Es Seria" - 1933)
12- Folie
13- Secreto
14- Criollita de Mis Ensueños
15- Desdén
16- Duelo Criollo
17- A Contramano
18- La Muchacha del Circo
19- Yo Tambien Como Tú
20- No Te Engañes, Corazón
21- Pobre Mi Gaucha
22- Lo Han Visto Con Otra

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