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·"Queen Rock Montreal" - Queen

Queen Rock Montreal is a live album by English band Queen. It was released in 2007 as a double CD / triple vinyl on 28 October in Australia, 29 October in Europe, and 30 October in the US. It was recorded in Montreal, Quebec, Canada at the Montreal Forum on 24 November and 25 November 1981, ten years to the date before lead singer Freddie Mercury died of complications related to AIDS. This marks the first official release of the film soundtrack to the concert film We Will Rock You on an audio-only format. Unlike the original video release of We Will Rock You, which has been re-released as Queen Rock Montreal, the album and CD features the full show (including "Flash" and "The Hero" not on the film) fully remixed. Before "Killer Queen", Freddie remarked to the unusually docile crowd, "If you guys want to move around and shift your asses a little it's OK by us... You can take all your clothes off if you like too, doesn't matter,". Freddie gets notably frustrated with the crowd's lack of enthusiasm and orders them to "Move it, you fuckers, come on!" during "Jailhouse Rock", unbeknownst to him being reserved is part of the culture of the province and Canada. Freddie states on the album, "We must tell you that we are filming this as you know and it's the last show in this series, it sounds like a television game, but forget the cameras, it's just you and us, alright?".



Disc One:

01- Intro
02- We Will Rock You (Fast)
03- Let Me Entertain You
04- Play the Game
05- Somebody to Love
06- Killer Queen
07- I'm in Love With My Car
08- Get Down, Make Love
09- Save Me
10- Now I'm Here
11- Dragon Attack
12- Now I'm Here
13- Love of My Life

Disc Two:

01- Under Pressure
02- Keep Yourself Alive
03- Drum and Tympani Solo
04- Guitar Solo
05- Flash
06- The Hero
07- Crazy Little Thing Called Love
08- Jailhouse Rock
09- Bohemian Rhapsody
10- Tie Your Mother Down
11- Another One Bites the Dust
12- Sheer Heart Attack
13- We Will Rock You
14- We Are the Champions
15- God Save the Queen

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