miércoles, 13 de octubre de 2010

· "Unsurpassed Broadcasts Vol. 1"

Due to the surfacing of some new and some upgrades of the recordings The Beatles did for the BBC in 1962-1965, the old Beatles at the Beeb catalogue has gotten a facelift. It was re-released in full on last July, packaged as bundled flac and cue files on the internet (tho' the files presented here are mp3-320), together with artwork for those who still like to store physical media on their shelves.
The releases is the undertaking of a single collector, who has done improvements to the material in the following fashion:

* New and better versions of quite a number of songs were broadcast by the BBC last year and has been included,
* Some vinyl-only bootlegs have been found to contain material in better quality than previous CD releases,
* Audio equipment for the home computer has improved and has been put to good use in 'cleaning up' the sound quality.

The standard catalogue for the Beatles BBC recordings has for the past few years been Purple Chick's The Complete BBC Sessions (upgraded for 2004), and this new set is called Unsurpassed Broadcasts. Here's Volume 1.

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  1. Thank you for these!

    I actually have the original Great Dane 10 CD release from 1994, which even predates the official EMI release. It was a revelation at the time (and is quite a beautiful box set), but I am anxious to hear 16 years worth of upgrades.

    So thanks again!

    -- Gummo