jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

· "1962 Star Club Tapes (Red Hot + Three-Thirty Blues)"

From the makers of Unsurpassed Broadcasts comes a new release, based on the recordings from The Beatles' performances at the Star Club in Hamburg in late December, 1962. It's the best version yet of these amateur recordings.





miércoles, 13 de octubre de 2010

· "Unsurpassed Broadcasts Vol. 1"

Due to the surfacing of some new and some upgrades of the recordings The Beatles did for the BBC in 1962-1965, the old Beatles at the Beeb catalogue has gotten a facelift. It was re-released in full on last July, packaged as bundled flac and cue files on the internet (tho' the files presented here are mp3-320), together with artwork for those who still like to store physical media on their shelves.
The releases is the undertaking of a single collector, who has done improvements to the material in the following fashion:

* New and better versions of quite a number of songs were broadcast by the BBC last year and has been included,
* Some vinyl-only bootlegs have been found to contain material in better quality than previous CD releases,
* Audio equipment for the home computer has improved and has been put to good use in 'cleaning up' the sound quality.

The standard catalogue for the Beatles BBC recordings has for the past few years been Purple Chick's The Complete BBC Sessions (upgraded for 2004), and this new set is called Unsurpassed Broadcasts. Here's Volume 1.

domingo, 3 de octubre de 2010

· "Anthology DVD Mixes" - The Beatles

A bootleg featuring some rarities as most of the new mixes made for the Anthology DVDs project, altogether with some gems such like the stereo mix of "Leave My Kitten Alone" (edited at the end of the song), the unused original 1963 stereo mix of "From Me to You", a stereo mix of "If I Fell" with a single tracked Lennon's vocal at the start just as in the mono mix, or the definitive mono mix of "Help!" unedited.



01- Please Please Me
02- From Me to You
03- I Want to Hold Your Hand
04- This Boy
05- A Hard Day's Night
06- If I Fell
07- Long Tall Sally
08- Things We Said Today
09- All My Loving
10- I Feel Fine
11- I'll Follow The Sun
12- Leave My Kitten Alone
13- Help!
14- You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
15- You're Going to Lose That Girl
16- We Can Work It Out
17- Day Tripper
18- In My Life
19- Paperback Writer
20- Rain
21- For No One
22- Strawberry Fields Forever
23- Penny Lane
24- A Day in the Life
25- All You Need is Love
26- Hello Goodbye
27- I am The Walrus
28- Lady Madonna
29- Revolution
30- Hey Jude
31- The Ballad of John & Yoko
32- Something
33- The Long and Winding Road
34- Let It Be
35- Free as a Bird

· "Recuerdo" - Horacio Salgán

Horacio Adolfo Salgán (b. June 15, 1916, in Buenos Aires) is an Afro-Argentine pianist, composer, orchestra leader, and arranger who specializes in tango music. Salgán began studying piano at age six. At age 18 he joined the cast of Radio Belgrano as a soloist and back-up musician. At 20 he was discovered by orchestra leader Roberto Firpo, who hired Salgán for his orchestra. In late 1942 he made his first recording, and in 1944 put together his own orchestra, which lasted until 1947. Salgán then devoted himself to composing and teaching and in 1950 returned with a new orchestra. 1960 saw the formation of the Quinteto Real, with Salgán on piano, Enrique Francini on violin and Pedro Láurenz on bandoneón. The goal of the group was to create instrumental tangos designed for listening rather than dancing. In 1998 he appeared as himself in the Oscar-nominated Best Foreign Language Film Tango, no me dejes nunca as part of El Nuevo Quinteto Real, an incarnation of the original group. Some of Salgán's most well-known compositions include "Del 1 al 5 (Días de pago)" (1944), "A Don Agustín Bardi" (1947), "Entre Tango y Tango" (1953), "Grillito", "Lo Llamo Silbando", "Cortada de San Ignacio", and "A Fuego Lento".



01- Recuerdo
02- Siga el Corso
03- Clavada
04- Yo Te Bendigo
05- Mala Junta
06- Vieja Recova
07- Gallo Ciego
08- Momento
09- Tierra Querida
10- Pobre Colombina
11- Don Goyo
12- Carta
13- Marne
14- Yo Soy el Mismo
15- Lo Llamo Silbando
16- Como Abrazado a un Rencor
17- Ojos Negros
18- Sueño Querido
19- Boedo
20- Motivo de Vals

· "Up In My Head" - The Draytones

The Draytones are a Anglo-Argentine music group formed in London, England in 2006. The same year they signed a record deal with 1965 Records, an independent record label based in London. The Draytones were formed by Argentine guitarist Gabriel Boccazzi (from Buenos Aires) and drummer Luke Richardson (from Grimsby) in Camden, London in 2006. The pair were introduced by the owner of the famous Bethnal Green live music venue The Pleasure Unit, Nigerian Nick 'The Kick'. They wrote a handful of songs in Boccazzi's flat in Camden before meeting bassist Chris Le Good (from Twickenham). They rehearsed as a three piece and played their first show at the 'Skrimshankers' night at 93 Feet East, Brick Lane, London supporting Luke's friend's band The Hoosiers (then called The Hoosier Complex). Having played only 2 shows, the band were contacted through their myspace page by 1965 Records with regards to the band playing a show at the 'The Windmill Of Your Mind' night at The Windmill, Brixton with 1965 Records 1st signing, The View. It was at this, their 3rd ever show, that The Draytones were offered a record deal with 1965 Records. It was on this same night that they met Stan Kybert (Oasis, Paul Weller, Massive Attack) who would later become the band's producer. In September 2006 the band went in to The Dairy Studios, Brixton to record and mix their debut EP "Forever On" in 7 days with producer Stan Kybert. They recorded 7 songs, 6 of which comprised the EP "Forever On" and 1 B-side. Their debut single, "Keep Loving Me", was released in 2007 - followed by the EP. The song "Keep Loving Me" was used on a Mojo Magazine covermount entitled "Best Of British 2007", and as the backing music for the Official Formula One websites video highlight of the 2008 Monaco Grand Prix The Song "Time" was used on NME magazine "Independent Thinking -1965 Records". The Draytones toured the UK extenively in 2007, including a Thursday night headline slot at Glastonbury Festival, RockNess, Dot To Dot festival, Lounge On The Farm festival and Summer Sonic festival, Tokyo/Osaka (Japan). In August they returned to the recording studio with Stan Kybert to record their debut LP "Up In My Head". This time they chose Chapel Studios, Lincolnshire (only a few miles from drummer Luke Richardson's birth place) and recorded 15 songs in 16 days. The album was mixed at the newly opened Dean Street Studios, Soho, London (formerly the studio of Tony Visconti) in 5 days.



01- Turn It Down
02- After All
03- Heart Shaped Line
04- As High As I Can
05- On The Way
06- Don't Talk Me
07- Summer's Arrived
08- I Have To Go
09- Throwing Stones
10- Flowers On The Bridge