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·"The Beatles' First US Concert" - The Beatles

The Beatles' rise to prominence in the United States of America, in February 1964, was the single most significant development in the history of the band's commercial success. In addition to establishing The Beatles' international stature, it changed attitudes to popular music in the United States whose own Memphis-driven R&B culture had until then been its dominant influence and a global trend-setter. On 7 February 1964, a crowd of four thousand fans at Heathrow Airport waved and screamed at The Beatles as they took off from the UK for their first trip to the United States as a group. After failures with earlier releases, their first Capitol single release "I Want to Hold Your Hand / I Saw Her Standing There" had sold 2.6 million copies in the prior 2 weeks but The Beatles were still nervous about how they would be received in the United States. Their arrival at John F. Kennedy Airport was greeted by another large vociferous crowd of people, estimated at about 3,000 fans. Two days after arriving in the USA, the Beatles made their first live American television appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, watched by approximately 74 million viewers, a number representing about half the American population at that moment. Two days after the television appearance, on 11 February 1964, The Beatles' first U.S. concert took place, at Washington Coliseum, a sports arena in Washington, D.C. The concert was attended by eight thousand fans. The Beatles performed on a central stage in the arena, with the audience on all sides, and there were regular pauses to enable the band to turn their equipment around and perform facing in another direction. The concert generated intense excitement. Beatlemania was finally to hit the USA.



01 - Intro
02 - Roll Over Beethoven
03 - From Me to You
04 - I Saw Her Standing There
05 - This Boy
06 - All My Loving
07 - I Wanna Be Your Man
08 - Please Please Me
09 - Till There Was You
10 - She Loves You
11 - I Want to Hold Your Hand
12 - Twist & Shout (complete)
13 - Long Tall Sally

Bonus tracks:

Miami dress-rehearsal, 16 February 1964 (afternoon)

14 - She Loves You
15 - This Boy
16 - All My Loving
17 - I Saw Her Standing There
18 - From Me to You
19 - I Want to Hold Your Hand

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