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·"Sky Blue Sky" - Wilco

After their wild experimental streak of the past decade, Wilco's sixth studio album might feel like a bit of a comedown. Sky Blue Sky is mellow, moody, and uncharacteristically monotone, opening with a pleasant jangle and Jeff Tweedy singing a simple song: "Maybe the sun will shine today, the clouds will blow away." He doesn't even follow it up with a barbed punch line. Mostly written in the studio by the full band, it's certainly the group's most cohesive album in ages, presenting a dense song cycle padded with intricate guitar work, brushed rhythms, and '70s soft-rock accents. In places it sounds like Wings ("Hate It Here"), in others Harry Nilsson ("Walken"), and in the middle it goes a bit Grateful Dead ("Shake It Off"). At the same time, there's a distinct sense of hearing a band finally at ease in its own skin. Sky Blue Sky represents the sound of Wilco finally pulling through its petulant adolescence. "Sky Blue Sky" has hints of early-seventies Southern California folk-rock sweetness in the harmonies. The album is filled with brash guitar solos that take songs like "You Are My Face" and "Shake It Off" in unexpected directions.


http://www.mediafire.com/file/z4wzgddetmx/Wilco - Sky Blue Sky.rar

01- Either Way
02- You Are My Face
03- Impossible Germany
04- Sky Blue Sky
05- Side with the Seeds
06- Shake It Off
07- Please Be Patient with Me
08- Hate It Here
09- Leave Me [Like You Found Me]
10- Walken
11- What Light
12- On and On and On

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