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·"We Are The Pipettes" - The Pipettes

We Are The Pipettes is the debut album from The Pipettes and is named after the group's theme song of the same title. It was released on 17 July 2006 in the UK on Memphis Industries and is available on CD, vinyl and digital download. The song "We Are the Pipettes" was featured in "Everything Changes", the first episode of the TV series Torchwood. In 2007 the entire album was remixed as part of their United States record deal with Cherrytree Records, by Greg Wells, and features two new tracks that are not included on the original release; "Dance and Boogie" and "Baby, Just Be Yourself". So it was released, with a different cover from the British release, on 2 October in North America and on 17 October in Asia.


http://www.mediafire.com/file/44ym1vmyzog/The Pipettes - We Are The Pipettes.rar

01- We Are The Pipettes
02- Pull Shapes
03- Why Did You Stay
04- Dirty Mind
05- It Hurts To See You Dance So Well
06- Judy
07- A Winters Sky
08- Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me
09- Tell Me What You Want
10- Because It's Not Love [But It's Still A Feeling]
11- Sex
12- One Night Stand
13- ABC
14- I Love You

Bonus Tracks:

15- Dance and Boogie
16- Baby, Just Be Yourself

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