jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2009

·"Cumbias!" - Los Wawancó

In 1955, the Argentine universities receive hundreds of students who come from the whole Latin America. A group of newcomers has many desires of amusingthemselves but not too much desire of studying medicine. They start to meet for playing music very often until one day they get a gig: the dance restaurant Tom and Jerry, in Vicente Lopez, for invitation of the businessman Francisco Trimboli. Equipped with flowery given shirts, the first members of the group were Rafael Aedo, Enrique Salazar and Hernán Rojas (from Colombia), Carlos Cabrera and Pedro Rojas (from Peru), Sergio Solar (from Chile) and Mario Castellón (from Costa Rica). The boys do a mixtureof the rhythms from their respective countries: cumbia, merengue, guaracha. They're considered even today as the most important cumbia group in Latinoamérica.


http://www.mediafire.com/file/tc5m4y5qd5g/Cumbias! - Los Wawancó.rar

01- Fiesta Negra
02- La Pereza
03- Cumbia Morena
04- Amor Playero
05- La Pollera Colorá
06- Pajarito Mañanero
07- Justiniana
08- Cumbia de Colombia
09- Sudor y Arena
10- Color de Cumbia
11- Pena y Bombo
12- El Pescador
13- Cumbia de Pescadores
14- Pudo Ser

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  1. amigo porque ocupa 28 megas el disco de los wawanco en que calidad esta??

  2. No ocupa 28, son 21.08 y está en 224kbps.

  3. podrían resubir este disco? gracias!