viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2009

·"Spinettalandia y Sus Amigos (La Búsqueda de la Estrella)" - Luis Alberto Spinetta

Spinettalandia y Sus Amigos (Spinettaland & His Friends) it's Luis Alberto Spinetta's first solo album, released in 1971 after leaving Almendra and before forming Pescado Rabioso, his second group. An LP 100% "hippie", as for the recording regarding the sound and general conception, and simultaneously Luis' break up with RCA record company. After his group Almendra disbanded, - and after his short experience living in France as a hippy- Spinetta passed through this transition period, something which he denotes on this album assuming the dualities and risks that were clearly implied. The record features hard rock numbers, as "Castillo de Piedra" composed by Pappo and announcing what Pescado Rabioso will be, but at the same time intimate and surprising compositions as " La Búsqueda de la Estrella." Made with the collaboration of several friends actually present at the studio, this is a transitory but fundamental recording for the bases of the skills and style Spinetta would show as an artist in the future. The LP when it was first released was titled Almendra, something which made the artist take the record company to court. Then in 1978, a reissue of the LP was titled La Búsqueda de la Estrella. Finally in 1995 under the Sony Music label, its first issue on CD, the disc was titled as Spinetta had originally wanted back in 1971: Spinettalandia y Sus Amigos, including also the original cover also desigend by Spinetta.


01- Castillo de Piedra
02- Ni Cuenta Te Das
03- Tema de Pedro
04- Dame, Dame Pan
05- Estrella
06- La búsqueda de la Estrella
07- Vamos al Bosque
08- Era de Tontos
09- Alteración del Tiempo
10- Descalza Camina
11- Lulú [Toma el Taxi]

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