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·"The Who Remembers The High Numbers" - The Who

The Who first began in 1963. In their early days the band was known as The Detours. Like many of their British peers, the group was heavily influenced by American blues and country music, initially playing mostly rhythm and blues. The Detours became The Who in late 1964 and, also with the arrival of Keith Moon that year, their line-up was complete. However, for a short period during earl-mid 1964, and under the management of Peter Meaden, they changed their name to The High Numbers. This is a bootleg CD, with studio and live material from that period. Tracks 1-5 are their first studio efforts including their first single as The High Numbers, they released "Zoot Suit/I'm The Face", a record designed to appeal to their mostly Mod fans. When it failed to chart, the band fired Meaden and quickly reverted to The Who. They had also changed from The High Numbers to The Who because when they would have concerts, old ladies would come thinking that they could play bingo (and it's true! lol). Tracks 6-16 are live recorded at the Railway Hotel with decent sound considering the era. The tracks don't flow smoothly and some cut in and out abruptly. Some sound like there is an audience while others don't. Tracks 17-23 are mono studio tracks. These are all instrumental, actually recorded in Abbey Road Studios during that summer.


01- I'm the Face
02- Zoot Suit
03- Leaving Here
04- Baby Don't You Do It
05- Here 'Tis
06- I Gotta Dance To Keep From Crying I
07- You Really Got Me
08- Young Man Blues
09- Green Onions
10- I Gotta Dance To Keep From Crying II
11- Instrumental Jam
12- I Gotta Dance To Keep From Crying III
13- Long Tall Shorty
14- Pretty Thing
15- Smokestack Lightning / Money (That's What I Want)
16- Here 'Tis

Bonus Tracks:

17- Smokestack Lightning (Instrumental)
18- Walking The Dog (Instrumental)
19- Unknown Instrumental
20- I'm a Man (Instrumental)
21- Instrumental Jam
22- Memphis, Tennessee (Instrumental)
23- Unknown Instrumental

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