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·"The Original Recordings 1965-1967" - Los Mockers

Los Mockers were a popular 1960s rock band in Latin America that was part of the Uruguayan Invasion. The group was formed in 1963 on Montevideo, Uruguay but moved to Argentina in early 1966 after winning a contract with EMI-Odeón, Argentina. The band members were Polo Pereira (guitar, vocals), Jorge Fernández (guitar, backing vocals), Esteban Hirschfield (organ, backing vocals, harmonica), Julio Montero (bass, vocals) and Beto Freigeda (drums). They modeled themselves off of the Rolling Stones and covered many of their song(evven in English). The original lineup disbanded in 1967.



01- What a Life
02- Let Me Try Again
03- Don't Go Away
04- Show Me The Way
05- Tell Me Something New
06- Empty Harem
07- Make Up Your Mind
08- You Got It
09- Can't Be a Lie
10- All The Time
11- Sad
12- Every Night
13- I Wanna Go
14- My Baby
15- It Was Me
16- Girl You Won't Succeed
17- Paint It Black
18- Captain Grey
19- Confusion

Bonus Tracks (from early live radio broadcasts):

20- I Just Wanna Make Love to You
21- Oh Baby (We Got a Good Thing Going)

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