viernes, 8 de enero de 2010

·"Roll with You" - Eli 'Paperboy" Reed & The True Loves

Roll with You, the new album from Boston-based soul band Eli Paperboy Reed & The True Loves, and chances are you’ll immediately feel the urge to either dance or cry. ''That first response to a record is the most important,'' says frontman Eli Reed. ''If a record comes on and makes you want to dance right away, then you re doing a good job. If a record comes on and makes you want to cry right away, you're also doing a good job. I think this album does both.'' Roll with You is a vital, gospel-tinged mix of sweaty, up-tempo numbers and aching, lovelorn ballads that connect instantly thanks to the passion of this young performer and his equally young band. The True Loves may employ classic soul stylings but they make the music their own by performing it with the youthful abandon that only a group of seven talented guys in their 20s can muster. There are singers who sing, then there are singers whose sheer power of expression can knock you off your feet. Eli 'Paperboy' Reed falls firmly into the latter category... [he] threatens to be one of the defining voices of the year. Classic '60's Stax/Motown influenced R&B, but oh so fresh in its own way. The retro soundscape is perfect. If you love the great soul records of the '60's, here's one for you. You'd never guess it was recorded in the 21st century.


01- Stake Your Claim
02- Am I Wasting My Time?
03- It's Easier
04- The Satisfier
05- Take My Love with You
06- I'll Roll with You
07- She Walks
08- I'm Gonna Getcha
09- Won't Give Up Without a Fight
10- (Am I Just) Fooling Myself?
11- (Doin' the) Boom Boom

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