viernes, 23 de octubre de 2009

·"Dedicado a Antonio Machado, Poeta" - Joan Manuel Serrat

Antonio Machado was one of Spain's 20th century's best poets. Raised in Andalucía, his poetry has become national common culture and this album greatly contributed to that. Serrat, himself a notable poet as well as the most important songwriter of Spain for the past thirty five years, composed excellent music for a handful of Machado's poems. The result is incredibly beautiful, with an match between tempo and meaning so outstanding that for the not-so-well-read it might be difficult to digest the news that it was not Serrat's own lyrics. This is a magic combination of two of Iberia's best: a poet with a word tried by Spain's trials and tribulations; a singer with a voice which evokes Spain. The result? A few songs with an expression that portraits the elation and passion of the true Spanish heart. For those who understand the Spanish language there probably cannot be a better touch of it, of its earnest people, and their buoyant perspective to life. Together with this: some memorable reflections as "Caminante no hay camino, se hace camíno al andar". (Traveller, you have no ready-made path forward; you create the path as you go along.)

Photobucket Dedicado a Antonio Machado.rar

01- Cantares
02- Retrato
03- Guitarra del Mesón
04- Las Moscas
05- Llanto y Coplas
06- La Saeta
07- Del Pasado Efímero
08- Españolito
09- A un Olmo Seco
10- He Andado Muchos Caminos
11- En Coulliure
12- Parábola

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  1. Gracias por compartir la cultura.
    La poesía de Machado y la música de Serrat.
    Buen trabajo de recopilación.
    Gracias y saludos...