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The Beatles' First  was released in 1964 by German Polydor (catalogue numbers LPHM46432/SPLHM237632) and was available in the UK as an import. On 4 August 1967, Polydor officially released the album in the UK, but with a different sleeve and catalogue number 236-201.
In the US, the album was released under the title In the Beginning (Circa 1960)  in 1970 (Polydor 24-4504.) In New Zealand, the album was released three times: firstly in 1966 (cat. no. 237632, as above), secondly in the early 70's titled The Beatles in Hamburg (cat. no. NZ SP 125), the track "Take Out Some Insurance on Me, Baby" was retitled "If You Love Me, Baby", and in 1977 as a double LP (cat. no. 118).
All subsequent releases of the Tony Sheridan/Beatles/Beat Brothers recordings are repackages of the same tracks. This title is available in an expanded double CD set subtitled Deluxe Edition, with bonus tracks which was issued by Universal Music on 12 June 2004. The main tracks are in stereo on the first CD and in mono on the second CD. This release also contained a new sleeve. The similar album The Early Tapes of The Beatles  (1984) was re-released on CD at a similar time to this deluxe edition release.

· Mono, 1967

 photo MC00-1_zps0148ee0a.jpg

· Stereo, 1970

 photo The-Beatles-In-The-Beginning-372591_zps2091f4f5.jpg

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