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· "GET BACK" (THE 1st MIX) - The Beatles

None of the Beatles wanted to face the job of mixing an album from the famous Get Back sessions recordings. Glyn Johns presented his first version of Get Back to the Beatles on May 28, 1969. He made an effort to present the Beatles returning to their roots and playing without overdubs or studio effects. No doubt this was a compelling idea, the results of his efforts were mixed. The Beatles could not agree on releasing that Glyn Johns's first version, so he edited a second version that he presented on January 5, 1970, where he changed a few things. He left off "Teddy Boy" and added "Across the Universe" and "I Me Mine". Paul would later re-record and include "Teddy Boy" on his first solo album McCartney. Mark Lewisohn suggests that the reason Glyn Johns removed "Teddy Boy" was because Paul had informed him that he would include a re-recorded version for his first solo album, which would be released in the spring of 1970. "Across the Universe" had been included on a World Wildlife Fund album and Glyn Johns remixed the recording. Glyn Johns also added "I Me Mine" to this second version of Get Back because it was included in the movie. In one of the early Twickenham sessions, George sings the song to Ringo and starts to work out the parts. The version included in Glyn Johns second mix was recorded several months later, though, on January 3, 1970. Only George, Paul and Ringo appear on this recording because John was vacationing in Denmark at the time. Johns kept most of the studio tom foolery, but he edited out most of the Beatles' sloppy performance of "Save the Last Dance for Me." All that was left of this track from the first Get Back mix was the refrain and the segue into "Don't Let Me Down." Glyn Johns was true to Paul's initial concept for Get Back. Both of the versions of this album that Johns produced presented the Beatles as they were in the studio, "warts and all." Listening to this first mix, though, it's clear why the Beatles were not enthusiastic about them. Rather than creating a sense of immediacy and spontaneity, the Glyn Johns' mixes are often annoying.


01- One After 909
02a- Rocker
02b- Save the Last Dance for Me
03- Don't Let Me Down
04- Dig a Pony
05- I've Got a Feeling
06- Get Back
07- For You Blue
08- Teddy Boy
09- On Our Way Home [Two of Us]
10- Maggie Mae
11- Dig It
12- Let It Be
13a- The Long and Winding Road
13b- Get Back (reprise)

Bonus Tracks:

14- Shake Rattle & Roll
15- Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues
16- Maybe Baby
17- Twenty Flight Rock
18- [Let's Have a] Party
19- Get Back (rehearsal)
20- On the Road to Marrakesh [Child of Nature]
21- All Thing Must Pass
22- Get Back (released version, from original session tape)
23- For You Blue
24- Two of Us
25- Let It Be

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