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·"MONO MASTERS" Mono - The Beatles

What's this exactly? It's a collection of all of the songs released by The Beatles in the 1960s that were never included on one of their albums. This includes huge hit songs like "Hey Jude" and the fast version of "Revolution" which were released as singles but not on any of their 13 official studio albums. Up until about 1968, mono was the standard. This means that the stereo mixes done up until this time were mostly an afterthought. It was actually the mono versions of these songs that The Beatles and George Martin spent the most time trying to get perfect and it's because of this that to a lot of Beatles purists the mono versions are the "real" versions of this stuff (up through The White Album, which was the last one mixed in mono.)


Disc One:

01- Love Me Do (original single version)
02- From Me To You
03- Thank You Girl
04- She Loves You
05- I'll Get You
06- I Want To Hold Your Hand
07- This Boy
08- Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand
09- Sie Liebt Dich
10- Long Tall Sally
11- I Call Your Name
12- Slow Down
13- Matchbox
14- I Feel Fine
15- She's A Woman
16- Bad Boy
17- Yes It Is
18- I'm Down

Link 2 https://mega.co.nz/#!rBUhiKgZ!dq_IVnHh3qIiNXzJDgpYsTmtGX8NqIUVVTP-qS9_LzM

Disc Two:

01- Day Tripper
02- We Can Work It Out
03- Paperback Writer
04- Rain
05- Lady Madonna
06- The Inner Light
07- Hey Jude
08- Revolution
09- Only A Northern Song
10- All Together Now
11- Hey Bulldog
12- It's All Too Much
13- Get Back
14- Don't Let Me Down
15- Across The Universe
16- You Know My Name [Look Up The Number]

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