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· "ON THE ROOFTOP" - The Beatles

The final live performance by The Beatles, was recorded (and filmed) on January 30, 1969 on top of the Apple Building at 3 Savile Row, London. The full performance included "Get Back" (3 versions), "Don't Let Me Down" (2 versions), "I've Got A Feeling" (2 versions), "One After 909", "Dig A Pony" and "God Save The Queen" (which has surfaced on the German bootleg On the Rooftop, fatured here). Portions of this concert can be seen in the last segement of the Let It Be film.



00- (Warming up)
01- Get Back I
02- Get Back II
03- Don't Let Me Down I
04- I've Got a Feeling I
05- One After 9 0 9
06- Dig a Pony
07- I've Got a Feeling II
08- Don't Let Me Down II
09- Get Back III

Bonus Track:

10- God Save The Queen

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