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· "REVOLVER" - The Beatles USA 1966

The original US LP release of Revolver, the band's tenth on Capitol Records and twelfth US album, marked the last time Capitol would release an altered UK Beatles album for the US market. As three of its tracks—"I'm Only Sleeping", "And Your Bird Can Sing" and "Doctor Robert"—had been used for the earlier Yesterday... And Today Capitol compilation, they were simply removed in the US version, yielding an 11 track album instead of the UK version's 14 and shortening the time to 28:20. The album's 30 April 1987 release on CD in USA standardised the track listing to the original UK version. Having been available only as an import in the US in the past, the 14 track UK version of the album was also issued domestically in the US on LP and cassette on 21 July 1987. The CD was remastered in 2009. The US version has never been available on that format.

01- Taxman
02- Eleanor Rigby
03- Love You To
04- Here, There and Everywhere
05- Yellow Submarine
06- She Said, She Said
07- Good Day Sunshine
08- For No One
09- I Want To Tell You
10- Got To Get You Into My Life
11- Tomorrow Never Knows

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  1. Hi there

    Is there any you could re-upload the USA mono and stereo mixes of both 'Revolver' and 'A Hard Day's Night'???? Pleeeeaaaassseeeee.....

    The links seem no to work - I bought the 2004 remasters buth these two albums are not part of this release

    Thank you for your consideration, and cheers for an excellent blog - very informatice!