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· "THE BEATLES' SECOND ALBUM" - The Beatles USA 1964

The Beatles' Second Album is The Beatles' second Capitol Records album, and their third album released in the United States including Introducing... The Beatles released three months earlier on Vee-Jay Records. The Beatles' Second Album went to number 1 on the album charts in the US, knocking off Meet the Beatles!, the first time an artist replaced itself at number one on the US album charts. Unlike the contemporaneous British Beatles albums, The Beatles' Second Album is composed exclusively of uptempo numbers, and for this reason is a favourite of some Beatles aficionados and rock critics. "The Beatles' Second Album stands as probably best pure rock & roll album ever issued of the group's music" [sic], wrote Allmusic. Songs for this album were compiled from four different UK releases. Included were the five remaining tracks from the group's second British LP With the Beatles. Those songs were left off the previous Capitol album Meet the Beatles!. Also included were "Thank You Girl" (the B-side to the British single "From Me to You"), the single "She Loves You" / "I'll Get You", "You Can't Do That" from the A Hard Day's Night soundtrack LP in the UK, and two new songs, "Long Tall Sally" and "I Call Your Name," both released a month later in the UK on the Long Tall Sally EP. Also, the Capitol Records engineers, headed by record executive Dave Dexter, Jr, added a lot of echo and reverb to give the music more of a "live" feel. This is much more noticeable on the With the Beatles tracks, as they were recorded in two-track stereo. Exceptional is the inclusion of the stereo version of "Thank You Girl," as The Beatles' Second Album featured the only true stereo version of the song released on any US or UK album for over 40 years, until the same stereo version of the song (but with no echo added this time) was released on the 2009 remastered edition of Past Masters (The Beatles' Second Album stereo version of "Thank You Girl" was also included on The Beatles Beat, a German compilation release). Since all the echo added, this version remains a bit of a rarity. For its American-album debut in mono, Capitol took this stereo version and transferred it into a two-to-one stereo-to-mono mixdown for the mono album release, thus creating an alternative mono mix of the song. The stereo version of "Money" also underwent the same two-to-one stereo-to-mono mixdown for this album, thus creating another alternative mono mix. In the mono version of "I Call Your Name", the cowbell comes in at the very beginning of the song, whereas in the stereo version it comes in after the beginning of the vocal. Harrison's opening 12-string guitar phrase is also different between the mono and stereo versions. In "Long Tall Sally", the stereo version has echo while the mono version is lacking it. "You Can't Do That" is a different mono mix to the one released on the British album A Hard Day's Night for unknown reasons. Mark Lewisohn says that an alternative mono mix was sent by mistake instead of the UK master. This album was also released in the US on 8-track cartridge in 1967, and reel to reel tape and cassette in 1969. In 2004 this album was re-released for the first time on CD as part of The Capitol Albums, Volume 1 box set and was issued in a miniature cardboard replica of the original album sleeve.


01- Roll Over, Beethoven
02- Thank You Girl
03- You Really Got a Hold on Me
04- Devil in Her Heart
05- Money
06- You Can't Do That
07- Long Tall Sally
08- I Call Your Name
09- Please Mr. Postman
10- I'll Get You
11- She Loves You

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