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· "A HARD DAY'S NIGHT" - The Beatles USA 1964

A Hard Day's Night is the third studio album by The Beatles, released on 10 July 1964 as the soundtrack to their film "A Hard Day's Night". The American version of A Hard Day's Night was released on 26 June 1964 by United Artists Records in mono (UAL-3366) and (fake) stereo (UAS-6366) and contained only the seven songs from the film: "A Hard Day's Night", "Tell Me Why", "I'm Happy Just to Dance With You", "I Should Have Known Better", "If I Fell", "And I Love Her", and "Can't Buy Me Love". It also featured "I'll Cry Instead", which, although written for the film, was cut from it at the last minute. The American version also included four easy listening-styled instrumental versions of Lennon and McCartney songs by George Martin: "I Should Have Known Better", "And I Love Her", "Ringo's Theme (This Boy)", and "A Hard Day's Night". As with the Vee-Jay and Capitol albums issued during 1964, there are different label variations of the United Artists album, as well. Some of the labels misspell the titles of two of the songs: "Tell Me Why" appears as "Tell Me Who", and "I'll Cry Instead" as "I Cry Instead". The album went to number one on the Billboard album chart, spending 14 weeks there, the longest run of any album that year. After EMI acquired United Artists Records, this album was reissued on 17 August 1980 on the Capitol label (SW-11921). While the stereo version of the album included the instrumental tracks in true stereo, the Beatles' own recordings appeared as electronically rechannelled stereo recordings made from the mono releases. The 1980 Capitol Records release used the same master tape as the original United Artists stereo release, despite the availability of several tracks with official stereo remixes by that time. True stereo versions of most of the songs appeared on the Capitol Records album Something New, released in July 1964. "Can't Buy Me Love" and "I Should Have Known Better" finally appeared in stereo versions on the Apple Records compilation Hey Jude in 1970. And the song "A Hard Day's Night" did not appear in a stereo version in the US until the LP Reel Music in March 1982. In 2004, counterfeit copies of the United Artists album began appearing in foreign countries in a 40th anniversary edition on CD. This version features the same twelve songs in the same running order, but with all of the tracks appearing in true stereo together for the very first time - including the eight Beatles songs. This marks the first time that the full-length, true stereo version of "I'll Cry Instead" was released, since its original issue on the 1980 "Casualties" LP, tho' in fact was an edit of the stereo mix. The American version of A Hard Day's Night  has yet to be released officially on CD in the United States since it was eventually replaced by the original UK version with its first release on CD and LP re-release in 1987.


01- A Hard Day's Night
02- Tell Me Why
03- I'll Cry Instead
04- I Should Have Known Better (instrumental)
05- I'm Happy Just to Dance With You
06- And I Love Her (instrumental)
07- I Should Have Known Better
08- If I Fell
09- And I Love Her
10- Ringo's Theme [This Boy] (instrumental)
11-Can't Buy Me Love
12- A Hard Day's Night (instrumental)

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