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·"LIVE AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL 1964" (Aborted album) - The Beatles

On February 12, 1964 Capitol Records considered recording The Beatles' concert at Carnegie Hall in New York, but at last minute they could not obtain the necessary approval from the Musicians Union to record the performance. Six months later, Bob Eubanks booked The Beatles' August 23, 1964 performance at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles where Capitol did record their performance with the intent of releasing a live album at least in America. Only four days after the concert (on 27 August 1964) the recording was mixed by Capitol Records’ producer Voyle Gilmore and balance engineer Hugh Davies. On September 3 an acetate was cut, and on September 16 that acetate containing the intended commercial release was sent to the Beatles. Brian Epstein, George Martin and the Beatles themselves were not fully satisfied with the results considering it was inadequate for a commercial release due to the sound quality of the recording, and the project was stopped. Capitol, however, utilized a 48-second excerpt of "Twist & Shout" from that 1964 Hollywood Bowl concert on the 1964 documentary double album, The Beatles' Story. In 1969 the original master tape was sent to Abbey Road, in London, and thirteen years later of being recorded (and after being properly filtered, equalized, and edited this time by George Martin) half of this concert was finally released as part of the LP The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl, album which for some unknown reason remains unreleased on CD until this day. Here you’ll be able to add to your collection that original mono mix for the 1964 acetate, plus the original stereo unedited master tape of the same concert. Enjoy it!


Original acetate mono mix:
01 - Twist & Shout
02 - You Can’t Do That
03 - All My Loving
04 - She Loves You
05 - Things We Said Today
06 - Roll Over Beethoven
07 - Can't Buy Love
08 - If I Fell
09 - I Want To Hold Your Hand
10 - Boys
11 - A Hard Day’s Night
12 - Long Tall Sally

Original stereo master tape:
13 - Introduction
14 - Twist & Shout
15 - You Can’t Do That
16 - All My Loving
17 - She Loves You
18 - Things We Said Today
19 - Roll Over Beethoven
20 - Can't Buy Love
21 - If I Fell
22 - I Want To Hold Your Hand
23 - Boys
24 - A Hard Day’s Night
25 - Long Tall Sally

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  1. Que interesante, en mono y estéreo....gracias por compartir/ What an interesting CD, mono & stereo...thanks for sharing.- gz