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· "Break It All" - USA album - Los Shakers

Words of these “Beatles from Río de la Plata” filtered through the United States, so in mid 1965 Audio-Fidelity (a New York based label with a fetish for stereo) agreed to release their first album in USA, with the only condition that the master tape, and consequent record release, had to be stereo. Since in EMI-Odeon, Argentina, original recording sessions master tapes were destroyed once the mono mixes were done, the group had no option than recording the whole album again in order to get a stereo master. These recording sessions happened between September and October 1965, and the group also recorded some of their latest compositions in order to keep on releasing new stuff in South America some of which also ended forming part of that master sent to USA, and eventually part of that American album too. The album was called “Break It All” and though not a big seller back then (it was first released in early 1966 but passed unnoticed) most foreign Los Shakers’ fans are familiar with. Osvaldo Fattoruso says: “There’s something weird about these recordings mainly because Hugo was kind of hoarse or just couldn’t sing, so I ended up singing many of the songs he used to sing. We only ever played in South America. I recall there were talks about going to the States but personally I didn’t believe that we would ever make it up there. Even though I might not have liked their music or what they did in general terms, I had a lot of respect for foreign pop groups. I knew somehow that they were better than us for the general American audience. Remember we didn’t even know how to speak English back then. All we could do was singing “fake” English!!!”



01- Break It All - 07/9/65 *
02- What a Love - 08/9/65
03- Only in Your Eyes - 09/9/65
04- Don’t Ask Me Love - 10/9/65
05- Do Not Disturb - 29/9/65
06- Give Me - 10/9/65
07- It’s Not Bad - 28/10/65
08- For You, For Me - 09/9/65
09- Boleto Para Pasear - 18/5/65
10- Thinking - 08/9/65
11- Won’t You Please? - 21/10/65
12- Forgive Me - 09/9/65

Bonus Tracks:

13- Boleto Para Pasear (stereo mix from master tape) - 18/5/65
14- Let Me go (mono version) - 07/9/65
15- Tell Them (mono mix) - 16/12/65
16- Stop the Game (mono mix) - 26/10/65


17- Let Me go (stereo version) - 07/9/65
18- Break It All (from master tape) - 07/9/65
19- The Longest Night (stereo version) - 07/9/65
20- More (stereo version) - 07/9/65
21- Baby Yeah, Yeah (stereo version) - 07/9/65
23- Baby Do the Shake (stereo version) - 07/9/65
24- What a Love (from master tape) - 08/9/65
24- Everybody Shake (stereo version) - 08/9/65
25- Thinking (from master tape) - 08/9/65
26- Forgive Me (from master tape) - 09/9/65
27- Don’t Ask Me Love (from master tape) - 10/9/65
28- Do Not Disturb (from master tape) - 29/9/65
29- Won’t You Please? (from master tape) - 21/10/65
30- Stop the Game (stereo mix) - 26/10/65
31- Tell Them (stereo mix) - 16/12/65

* Refers to recording dates.

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