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· "My Generation" Deluxe Edition - Disc 2 - The Who

The bonus material on disc 2 leans equally heavily on covers, but also contains its share of signposts to the future Who, including a rare alternate version of “Anyhow, Anyway, Anywhere” (a true collector's item) accompanied with more loads of tracks for the first-time in stereo. In fact, 28 out of the total 30 tracks on this double CD album are in stereo! Disc 2 also contains previously unreleased, full-length versions of “The Good's Gone” and “I Don't Mind”, an unreleased instrumental version of “My Generation” and the aforementioned and unspeakably rare, French EP-only alternate version of “Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere”. Enjoy!



01- Leaving Here (Alternate)
02- Lubie [Come Back Home]
03- Shout And Shimmy
04- [Love is Like a] Heat Wave
05- Motoring
06- Anytime You Want Me
07- Anyhow, Anywhere, Anyway (alternate)
08- Instant Party Mixture
09- I Don't Mind (full length unedited version)
10- The Good's Gone (full length unedited version)
11- My Generation (backing track)
12- Anytime You Want Me (a Cappella version)
13- A Legal Matter
14- My Generation
15- Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (1965 mono original single mix)

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