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· "Sabina Pirata" - Joaquín Sabina

Joaquín Ramón Martínez Sabina (Úbeda, Spain, 12 February 1949), known artistically as Joaquín Sabina, is a singer, songwriter, and poet. He has released fourteen studio albums, two live albums, and three compilation albums. In 1975 he wnt to live in London using a fake passport under the name Mariano Zugasti, to avoid persecution from Francisco Franco's government after throwing a Molotov Cocktail into a government building. That same year, his own father received an order to arrest Joaquin Sabina due to his anti-Franco ideals. In 1975, Sabina started writing songs and singing at local bars. In a local bar called "Mexicano-Taverna" Sabina performed in the presence of George Harrison, who was celebrating his birthday. The ex-Beatle then gave Sabina a five-pound note as tip, which Sabina still preserves to this day. When Franco's dictatorship ended in 1975, Sabina returned to Spain and was forced to join the military service but, feeling imprisoned, he got married in order to be able to sleep outside the barracks. Sabina's first album, Inventario (Inventory) was released in 1978 by a small label called Movieplay, but the album largely went unnoticed. Afterwards, he moved to the powerful CBS (today Sony) and released Malas compañías (Bad Companies). This album gave Sabina his first number-one hit single "Pongamos que hablo de Madrid" (Let's say I´m talking about Madrid), and the artist attained wide recognition. He released a live album called La mandrágora (The Mandrake), sharing the spotlight with bandmates Javier Krahe and Alberto Pérez. The trio enjoyed much popularity due to their participation in a TV program. La Mandrágora created much controversy due to the racy content of the lyrics. Sabina released his third soloist album called Ruleta Rusa (Russian Roulette) in 1983 and two years later, Juez y parte (Judge and Side). His political views led him to take part in the anti-NATO movement. He later released Joaquín Sabina y Viceversa en directo, his first live album, recorded in the Salamanca theatre in Madrid. In this album, the singer collaborates with other singers such as Javier Krahe, Javier Gurruchaga, and Luis Eduardo Aute. In 1987 he released Hotel, dulce hotel (Hotel, Sweet Hotel), which sold a large number of records in Spain. That success followed with his next album El hombre del traje gris (The Man in The Gray Suit), and followed with a successful tour of South America. This was followed by the released Mentiras piadosas (White Lies) in 1990, and two years later Física y química (Chemistry and Physics), which led to another successful tour of the Americas. His later albums Esta boca es mía (This Mouth is Mine), Yo, mi, me contigo (I, my, myself... with you) and 19 días y 500 noches (19 Days and 500 Nights), won him more recognition and multiple platinum albums, being the last probably his best work at date. After recovering from a stroke, he returned to the stage in 2002 with Dímelo en la calle (Dare to Say That Outside). He later released a double album called Diario de un peatón (A Pedestrian's Diary), which included both his previous album and 12 new songs, along with a book illustrated by him. In 2005 Sabina's released a new record Alivio de luto (Mourning Relief). The album release was accompanied by a DVD that includes interviews, music videos, acoustic versions of the songs, and home-made recordings. In 2007, he made a tour with Joan Manuel Serrat, called Dos Pájaros de un Tiro (Two birds with one stone) and they recorded a CD of this tour, which includes the DVD of the concert and a documentary. The album featured here includes out-takes, demos, collaborations, and unreleased material of any kind, hope you enjoy it.


01- Palabras Como Cuerpos
02- Cómo Decirte...
03- La Torre de Babel
04- Blues Tanguero
05- Cerrado por Derribo (versión argentina)
06- La Biblia y el Calefón
07- La Bien Pagá
08- Camellos
09- Feliz
10- No Puedo Enamorarme
11- Yolanda
12- Cualquier Noche Puede Salir el Sol
13- Cruz de Navajas
14- El Gorila
15- Las Manos en la Masa
16- Tango a Valdano
17- No Hago Otra Cosa que Pensar en Ti
18- Corazón de Neón
19- Fumar (?)
20- Despedida

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