viernes, 27 de marzo de 2009

· "My Generation" Deluxe Edition - Disc 1 - The Who

It's kind of odd that the Who's first album would be the last to be reissued in deluxe fashion, but, given the prominent role the late John Entwistle plays on it (his instrumental 'The Ox' was and is a sonic marvel), it's kind of fitting, too. But the real reason it took so long for the Who camp to release this is that they added so much to it! Disc one presents the original album mixed in stereo for the first time since 1965 by original producer Shel Talmy, plus single sides like 'Bald Headed Woman' and Daddy Rolling Stone.'


01- Out In The Street
02- I Don't Mind
03- The Good's Gone
04- La-La-La Lies
05- Much Too Much
06- My Generation
07- The Kids Are Alright
08- Please, Please, Please
09- It's Not True
10- I'm a Man
11- A Legal Matter
12- The Ox

Bonus Tracks:

13- I Can't Explain
14- Bald Headed Woman
15- Daddy Rolling Stone

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