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· "Valle de Lágrimas" - Javier Krahe

Javier Krahe (Madrid, March 30, 1944) Spanish singer-songwriter with great satirical lyrics. Born in the high class district of Salamanca, in Madrid, he studied in the Colegio del Pilar, where also attended many of the current Spanish politicians. He also started studies of Business Management, but after a while he abandoned to devote himself to the movies as a director’s assistant. While he was doing the military service, he met a Canadian girl called Annick, the love of his life, so he quickly left Spain for living in Canada. In spite of this, 2 years later (in 1967) he decided that Paris was THE place to live and there he went. By those days he also started his career as an acid lyricist inspired by artists such as Georges Brassens and Leonard Cohen. His brother Jorge was who composed the music for his songs. Years later, and back in Spain, Chicho Sánchez Ferlosio contracted him for several gigs in places such as La Aurora, where he would meet Joaquín Sabina and Alberto Pérez. The three guys together, now as a trio, recorded an album called “La Mandràgora” (1981), which was also the name of the place where that album was recorded during a live performance. Anyway, before that and as a solo singer, he made his debut album called “Valle de Lágrimas” (Valley of Tears- 1980), where he shows his typical style (ironic letters, ingenious heaps, accompanied with simple music). Let’s comment that back in those days, Krahe used to name the chord F as "the difficult one", so go figure... During his following records the arrangements tend to sound more and more jazzy, turning Krahe in an usual performer at the El Café Central, in Madrid. This was the start of becoming a singer-songwriter of cult for intellectual Spanish audiences. In 1986, the Spanish official television channel (TVE) censured his song “Cuervo Ingenuo” (Naïve Crow) which was a satiric look at the ideological ambiguity showed by the Spanish socialist party. In 2004, during an interview in the Channel + TV program “Lo + Plus”, it was showed a short film called "10 Comentarios” (10 Comments) which has been made approximately thirty years ago (circa 1974) by Javier Krahe and Enrique Seseña. The film consists on a chef teaching how to cook a figure of Jesus Christ. That started a campaign of protests from part of the conservative Spanish press, and as a result Krahe was declared ‘persona non-grata’ by Jesús de Polanco, who was the president of the group PRISA (owners of Channel +). In 1999 he was co-founder of an independent record company called “18 Chulos” (18 Rascals), along with other artists as Pepín Tre, Santiago Segura, El Gran Wyoming, Faemino and Pablo Carbonell. Javier Krahe has released several albums for that label: “Dolor de garganta” (Sore Throat), “Cábalas y Cicatrices” (Cabbalas and Scars), “Cinturón Negro de Karaoke” (Black Belt of Karaoke), “Querencias y Extravíos” (Love and Losses); etc. During the years 2005, 2006 and 2007 he has been performing periodically in such small clubs as Galileo or Clamores, often in company of other such singer-songwriters like Riki López. His last album “Love and Losses”, released back in December 2007, was distributed as a pack including an interesting book featuring reflections and conversations of Krahe with the journalist Paloma Leyra. His writing shows a big care for the heap and the metrics, with an obvious influence of the world of classic literature and classical movies. Here's his first album…


01- Villatripas
02- Don Andrés Octogenario
03- El Lirón
04- La Hoguera
05- ¿Dónde se Habrá Metido Esta Mujer?
06- El Tío Marcial
07- Raúl
08- San Cucufato
09- La Oveja Negra
10- Marieta

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