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· "La Conferencia Secreta del Toto's Bar" - Los Shakers

Towards the end of 1967 Los Shakers were continuing to absorbe more influences from the outside and further expanding upon the Latin rhythm and melody styles in their music in latter-day singles as "Lovely Lola". Osvaldo says: ""Lovely Lola" was shooting for the "Never, Never" follow up, with some kind of Brazilian influence there. We liked to play samba a lot. Also, we listened to a lot of classical music and a lot of Piazzolla at that time. On "Higher Than a Tower" we had Pelín playing bandoneon, which was what Piazzolla used to play." The "Nuevo Tango" of Astor Piazzolla, which flaunted tradition by encompassing jazz and modern classical influences, was to have a great effect on the group's final album, "La Conferencia Secreta del Toto's Bar" (The Top Secret Toto's Bar Conference). Much have been made of the obvious debt "La Conferencia..." owes to "Sgt. Pepper", but just a cursory listen reveals a synthesis of ideas that are very much the band's own. "La Conferencia..." was artistically a major achievement, but at the same time it was recorded with the knowledge that the record would be the band's last. The musicians were tired of playing the "South-American Beatles" rol which was constantly imposed by their record company. Long live Los Shakers!!!!



01- The Top Secret Toto’s Bar Conference - 26/6/67 + My Aunt Clementine - 03/4/68
02- Candombe - ?/ ?/6?
03- On A Tuesday I Watch Channel 36 - 05/12/67
04- The Shape of a Rainbow - 20/12/67
05- B.B.B. Band - 23/4/68
06- I Remember My World - 11/12/67
07- The Pine and the Rose - 13/1/68
08- Mr. Highway, the Enchanted - 29/6/68
09- Higher Than a Tower - 04/4/68

Bonus Tracks:

10- Marilú (single mono version) - 12/4/67
11- Si Lo Supiera Mamá - 15/4/67
12- When I’m Sixty Four (mono mix) - 24/8/67
13- Lovely Lola (mono mix) - 24/8/67


14- Sólo Bailo Samba - ?/3/67
15- Un Hombre y Una Mujer - ?/3/67
16- Nunca, Nunca - ?/3/67
17- Marilú II (stereo version) - ?/3/67
18- Submarino Amarillo - ?/3/67
19- Marabú - 14/4/67
20- Lovely Lola (from master tape + studio chat) - 24/8/67

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