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· "La Paloma" - Joan Manuel Serrat

Joan Manuel Serrat's first LP sung in Spanish (1968). He's been recording since 1965 but only in Catalan. This album was originally a compilation of different singles plus a couple of songs recorded specifically for this release. This is the super-rare stereo master unreleased on CD until this day. Also, here it features some singles from 1969 and alternate takes as bonus, plus the controversial Eurovision single "La La La" which was retired in 1968 due to Serrat's decision to sing in Catalan instead of Spanish in Eurovision (in fact he was vetoed from Spanish radio and TV) also remaining unreleased since 1968.



01- La Paloma
02- El Titiritero
03- Poco Antes de que Den las Diez
04- En Nuestra Casa
05- Manuel
06- Tu Nombre Me Sabe a Hierba
07- Poema de Amor
08- Balada de Otoño
09- En Cualquier Lugar
10- Mis Gaviotas

Contemporary Single:

11- Penélope
12- Tiempo de Lluvia

Bonus Tracks:

13- Manuel (versión 2)
14- Poco Antes de que Den las Diez (versión 2)
15- Manuel (versión 3)


16- La La La (in Spanish)

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