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· "Lágrimas Negras" - Bebo & Cigala

This album pairs one of the greatest flamenco singers of today, cantaor Diego ”El Cigala”, with one of Cuba's finest Afro-Cuban jazz pianists, Bebo Valdes. With Valdes (father of the great Chucho Valdes) born in 1918, there's a 40-year age difference between the pianist and the singer, but they do a fine job crossing generations and oceans to discover the commonalities between Caribbean and the Iberian music, coming up with a romantic marriage of the two cultures using rumbas, guajira, sons and boleros, all this in a classy jazz atmosphera. All the songs are classics out of the Latin music tradition, using just a handful of players in support. Valdes' fingers are delicate and prone to dramatic flourishes; Cigala's voice is pure flamenco in its hoarse intonation, cadence and emotional outpourings. The two masters make the union work by focusing on the drama of the love songs—“Veinte Años”, “Inolvidable” and the title track, “Lágrimas Negras”, are just three amazing examples as fuel for some of the most exquisitely passionate music to come out in ages. This original pairing between Bebo Valdés and el Cigala is sublime. The songs are all standards, but the arrangements are not. Each song features Valdes' smooth jazzy piano melodies and el Cigala's guttural, passionate vocals. To appreciate the entire album's sophisticated textures, it should be listened to in absolute darkness so all of one's senses can focus on its velvety and harsh beauty. Winners of three PREMIOS DE LA MUSICA AWARDS (Spanish Academy of Musical Arts & Sciences) this album was recorded at the suggestion of Spanish Hollywood Oscar Award-winning director, Fernando Trueba (Belle Epoque), and has become a phenomenon in Spain. Picked by New York Times critic Ben Rattcliff as "the best album of the year", “Lágrimas Negras” has had an impressive debut. The album has never been out of the top 30 since its release in Spain for about nine months, achieving double Platinum sales status. It has also won five Amigo Awards, one Premio Ondas, and three Premios de la Musica Awards (including Best Album).



01- Inolvidable
02- Veinte años
03- Lágrimas negras
04- Nieblas del riachuelo
05- Corazón loco
06- Se me olvidó que te olvidé
07- Vete de mi
08- La bien pagá
09- Eu sei que vou te amar

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