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· "The Who Sell Out" - The Who

"The Who Sell Out" is the third album by The Who, released in 1967. It is a concept album, formatted as a collection of unrelated songs interspersed with faux commercials and public service announcements. The album purports to be a broadcast by pirate radio station Radio London. Part of the intended irony of the title was that The Who were actually making commercials during that period of their career, some of which are included as bonus tracks on the remastered CD. The album's release was reportedly followed by a bevy of lawsuits due to the mention of real-world commercial interests in the faux commercials and on the album covers, and by the makers of the real jingles (Radio London jingles), who claimed The Who used them without permission. (The jingles were produced by PAMS Productions of Dallas, Texas, which created thousands of station ID jingles in the 1960s and 1970s.) In 2003, the album was ranked number 113 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.



01- Radio London - Armenia City In The Sky - Radio London
02- Heinz Baked Beans - More Music
03- Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand - Premier Drums - Radio London
04- Odorono - Radio London
05- Tattoo - Radio London (Church of Your Choice)
06- Our Love Was - Radio London (Pussycat) - Speakeasy - Rotosound Strings
07- I Can See For Miles
08- I Can't Reach You - Charles Atlas
09- Medac
10- Relax - Rotosound Strings
11- Silas Stingy
12- Sunrise
13- Rael 1

Bonus tracks:

14- Rael 2 - Top Gear
15- Glittering Girl - Coke 2
16- Melancholia - Bag O'Nails
17- Pictures of Lily
18- Doctor, Doctor
19- The Last Time
20- Under My Thumb
21- Someone's Coming - John Mason's Cars
22- Jaguar - John Mason's Cars (reprise)
23- Early Morning Cold Taxi - Coke 1
24- Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand
25- Hall of the Mountain King - Radio 1 (Boris Mix)
26- Girl's Eyes" - Odorono (Final Chorus)
27- Glow Girl - Track Records
28- Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand (alternative version)

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