jueves, 2 de abril de 2009

· "Sus Grandes Éxitos" - Los Chalchaleros

Los Chalchaleros is an Argentine folk musical combo consisting of four musicians (3 guitars and percussion - all of them are also singers). They're also considered the best ever of all Argentinean folk groups. The group was established in 1948 in the northern province of Salta. It is named after a local song-bird, the chalchalero. The original group was formed by Victor José Zambrano ("Cocho"), Carlos Franco Sosa, Aldo Saravia, and Juan Carlos Saravia. They gave their first public concert in June 16, 1948. On this "Their Greatest Hits" selection from 1974 the group is formed by Juan Carlos Saravia (leader of the group), percussionist Eduardo Román ("Polo"), Ricardo Francisco Figueroa ("Pancho"), and lead guitarist Ernesto Cabeza, which was probably the best of their different line-ups through the years. Los Chalchaleros have released more than 50 LPs, all of them typically focusing in traditional Argentinean folk music, mainly zamba.



01- Zamba de Mi Esperanza
02- Viene Clareando
03- Sapo Cancionero
04- A los Bosques Yo me Interno
05- La López Pereyra
06- Jamás
07- Lloraré
08- La Nochera
09- Amor y Fiesta
10- Zamba del Grillo
11- Yo Vendo unos Ojos Negros
12- Zamba del Chalchalero

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