domingo, 17 de mayo de 2009

· "Chambre Avec Vue" - Henri Salvador

Audiences will embrace Henri Salvador like he's a Grandpa Moses of bossa nova. It's not every day that an eightysomething crooner steps out of the obscurity with an album of warm-as-fresh-pastry cabaret music. Of course, Salvador is no Henri-come-lately. He's famous in France and francophone former colonies (like his native Cayenne, French Guiana) and has decades of television and recording work to his credit. Now, it's time for worldwide listeners to play catch-up. This album was reportedly recorded on the verge of Salvador's retirement, and though the sound is classique, many of the songs are of recent vintage. Salvador's charming, half-spoken vocals will resound with listeners familiar with the suave stylings of cabaret practitioners such as Charles Trenet and Walter Hyatt. There's also a bit of Danny Kaye in his phrasing on the album's lighter fare, like the brass-band-flavored "Mademoiselle"--no surprise given Salvador's extensive comedic résumé. Younger audiences primed by the ironic, sophisticated grooves of Dimitiri from Paris and Money Mark will delight in much of the instrumentation here. The album is, in fact, a triumph of production and arranging. Full orchestras are cued, at times, at the same volume as a single instrument, reduced to the level of pure atmosphere. One track, "Il fait Dimanche," has a funky vamp that demands to be sampled for the contemporary dance floor. Another, "Faire des ronds dans l'eau," subsists on strummed guitar and a trap set, with the occasional gypsy-style, savory violin part added for spice. Throughout, Salvador presents himself as an astute, sympathetic performer. On "Je sais que tu sais" it's hard to tell where his whispered voice ends and the drummer's light brushes begin. Apparently, swingers--in the jazz sense of the word--get better with age.

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01- Jardin D'hiver
02- Chambre Avec Vue
03- J'ai Vu
04- Il Fait Dimanche
05- La Muraille De Chine
06- Jazz Méditerranée
07- Un Tour De Manège (En Duo Avec Toots Thielemans)
08- Vagabond
09- Je Sais Ce Que Tu Sais
10- Mademoiselle
11- Le Fou De La Reine (En Duo Avec Françoise Hardy)
12- Faire Des Ronds Dans L'eau
13- Aime-moi

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  1. Que belo!

    otra vez presentas musica de la mejor calidad.
    Tu trabajo en este blog es de verdad muy bueno. Me gusta mucho la mistura de ritmos e estilos. Desde Los Shakers hasta Ramones, o Yes... es como decir que tu realmente compreendes el POP.

    Saludos de Brasil

  2. Muchas gracias por tu cometario, y saludos desde Barcelona.

  3. Excelente post, me fascina jardin d'hiver et chambre avec vue, . Sería genial si agregas algún otro disco más, sólo he oido perfomance, révérencia et essential.