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· "RAY film soundtrack" - Ray Charles

Ray Charles Robinson (September 23, 1930 – June 10, 2004), known by his stage name Ray Charles, was a blind musician. He brought a soulful sound to country music and pop standards through his Modern Sounds recordings, as well as a rendition of "America the Beautiful" that Ed Bradley of 60 Minutes called the "definitive version of the song, an American anthem — a classic, just as the man who sang it." He also appeared in the 1980 hit movie, The Blues Brothers. Frank Sinatra called him "the only true genius in the business". In 2004, Rolling Stone Magazine ranked Charles number ten on their list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time and also voted him number two on their November 2008 list of The 100 Greatest Singers of All Time. Charles himself was significantly involved in the biopic Ray, an October 2004 film which portrays his life and career between 1930 and 1966 and stars Jamie Foxx as Charles. Foxx won the 2005 Academy Award for Best Actor for the role. The very heart and soul of telling Ray Charles' story had to be his music, which is why Taylor Hackford decided to evoke the emotions and events of Ray's life as much as possible through the power of his songs. All the songs are included in the Ray movie soundtrack. From the beginning, Hackford had made a list of the key songs he wanted to appear in the film. Taylor Hackford on the Ray movie soundtrack: "Musically, this film was a very complicated piece. We were using some 40 different songs throughout the film, and using them to tell a story, so when the music ends, the mood is carried over and vice versa. When a song is on-screen, you're seeing that the song came from the emotion and the drama in his life and that the two are necessarily intertwined and related." To help with the task of recreating Ray Charles' music with all the vitality and electric vibrancy it had from the get-go, Hackford brought in musical supervisor Curt Sobel, who was drawn to the scope and what he sees as the importance of the Ray movie soundtrack. "I think Ray Charles was crucial to the history of 20th century culture," says Sobel. "He was the first person to succeed in pooling together everything great about our country's music, the feeling of Gospel, the joy of Boogie-Woogie, the depth of Blues, and turning it into something very unique."

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01- Mess Around
02- I Got a Woman
03- Hallelujah, I Love Her So (Live)
04- Drown in My Own Tears
05- Night Time is the Right Time
06- Mary Ann
07- Hard Times
08- What'd I Say (Live)
09- Georgia On My Mind I
10- Hit the Road Jack
11- Unchain My Heart
12- I Can't Stop Loving You
13- Born to Lose
14- Bye Bye Love
15- You Don't Know Me (Live)
16- Let the Good Times Roll (Live)
17- Georgia On My Mind II

Bonus Tracks:

18- Busted
19- Without Love There is Nothing
20- Don't Need No Doctor
21- Hide nor Hair
22- Sticks and Stones
23- Careless Love
24- You Are My Sunshine
25- Don't Set Me Free

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