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· "Selling England by the Pound" - Genesis

Selling England by the Pound is the fifth studio album by Genesis and was recorded and released in 1973. It followed Foxtrot and was the band's commercial peak with Peter Gabriel, hitting # 3 in the UK where it remained on the charts for 21 weeks. The album went gold in the US in 1990. The album cover is a painting by Betty Swanwick called The Dream. The original painting did not feature a lawn mower; the band had Swanwick add it later as an allusion to the song "I Know What I Like." Retaining the pastoral yearning for ancient or medieval England as its primary thematic material, the album focuses on traces of this past in the present. Songs about England's mythological past ("Dancing With the Moonlit Knight") co-exist with sketches of contemporary lawnmowers ("I Know What I Like"), and the centrepiece of the second side, the epic "Cinema Show", has two lovers serve as reincarnations of ancient Greek figures in a way which is almost directly out of the "Fire Sermon" scene in T. S. Eliot's long poem The Waste Land. The musical performances are much more polished and tight than on the preceding LPs, and musical diversions are more often unified into the general song structure. A digitally remastered version was released on CD in 1994 on Virgin in Europe and on Atlantic Records in the US and Canada, and it's now featured here.


01- Dancing With the Moonlit Knight
02- I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
03- Firth of Fifth
04- More Fool Me
05- The Battle of Epping Forest
06- After the Ordeal
07- The Cinema Show
08- Aisle of Plenty

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